This Month in Christian History aims to honor the significance of the past by highlighting saints, athletes, missionaries, and regular people who did extraordinary things in the corresponding month throughout history.

Centuries Collide

Centuries Collide reveals how much of our modern lives are shaped by the faith of some of history’s greatest figures. Host Cody Crouch travels the globe uncovering the Christian origins of technology and present-day concepts and ideas. Of course, it isn’t without fun. This tongue-in-cheek travel show combines exotic locations and insightful historical information with parodied reenactments to form a new breed of historical travel shows. 

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Behind The Scenes With Cody Crouch

What People are Saying

Thanks Cody for that inspiring message on Jesse Owens. My heart was touched and encouraged. I wish all young men of America could see it. May God bless you in your ministry.
- Catherine
I LOVE "This Month in History." I hope you'll keep this show on. This show is so informative, and I actually get excited when I see it's coming on. This is a brilliant show for those of us who love History. Thank you!
– Kathy
I love Cody's show, 'This Month in Christian History'. I appreciate the research that goes into every show, I thank everyone involved in this project. God Bless you all.
– Virginia

About Cody Crouch

Cody Crouch grew up behind the scenes at TBN. For most of his life, he has traveled the globe with a camera in his hand shooting some of the world’s most unique and amazing locations for TBN programming.
Over the past few years Cody has been combining his love of travel, history, and the Gospel with his production experience as one of TBN’s producers and on-camera hosts.
Like his grandfather and father, Cody has a desire to expand the message of the Gospel around the world and to the next generation. 
Cody successfully launched his first series on TBN with This Month in Christian History in 2021. He has now completed Season 2 of This Month in Christian History and is in production on a new TBN series, Centuries Collide. With each of these original concepts, Cody hopes to show the next generation the significance of the past and that by modeling after some of history’s greatest figures, they might just leave their own mark on history.
When the cameras are not rolling, Cody spends his time in Texas with his wife Audrey, who doesn’t mind his extensive collection of Star Wars action figures, baseball cards, and comic books. Together, they love seeing the world God created up close.
Cody serves at TBN as producer, director, and on-camera host.

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